Colonial Renovations


As part of the services we offer, we also do renovations to existing houses and specialise in colonial renovations. We replace the current timber/fibro and replace it with durable wood in classic and contemporary colonial designs, suited to your needs.

Colonial Renovations

Renovating a colonial-style home in Australia, requires respect for the historical and architectural characteristics of the home while also incorporating modern elements for comfort and functionality.

1. Research and Planning:

We take time to understand the architectural features and design elements that are characteristic of colonial-style homes to gain insights into the original design and construction of your particular colonial home.

2. Maintain Historical Integrity:

We preserve and restore original features whenever possible. Elements such as timber flooring, decorative fretwork, verandas, and gabled roofs are often hallmarks of colonial-style homes. We strive to maintain the original charm while addressing any necessary repairs or updates.

3. Modernising Infrastructure:

While preserving the historical façade and features, there is also consideration in modernising the infrastructure.

4. Kitchen and Bathrooms:

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where modern conveniences are often desired. We blend modern fixtures and appliances with design elements that complement the colonial style. 

5. Verandas and Outdoor Spaces:

Verandas are a distinctive feature of colonial homes particularly in Queensland. We can enhance and expand these outdoor spaces to create comfortable areas for relaxation and entertainment. 

6. Flooring:

Timber flooring is a common feature in colonial homes. We can restore or replicate original timber flooring where possible. 

7. Lighting:

We can incorporate lighting fixtures that blend the old and the new. 

8. Local Regulations:

Be aware of any local heritage and preservation regulations that might affect your renovation plans. Some renovations on heritage-listed homes might require approval from heritage authorities.

Remember that every colonial home is unique, so we tailor your renovation plans to the specific characteristics of your property. 

colonial renovations
colonial renovations

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