Houses Restumping and Steel Beam Installation


In an older existing house the beams and stumps can become rotten over time. We offer solutions to prevent the house from falling apart by re-stumping the posts in your house and replacing them with steel beams to add structural integrity to your house.

House Restumping & Steel Beam Installation

1. Assessment:

We will assess the condition of the existing stumps and the overall foundation of the house to determine whether restumping is necessary and if steel beams should be used to reinforce the foundation.

2. Planning:

Based on the assessment, a plan will be developed for the restumping process that outlines which stumps need replacement, whether steel beams are required, and other details about the process.

3. Excavation:

The area around the existing stumps will be excavated to provide access to the stumps for removal. This may involve digging holes around the perimeter of the house.

4. Stump Removal:

The old, deteriorated stumps will be removed from underneath the house. This might involve jacking up the house to relieve the load on the old stumps before they are taken out.

5. Steel Beam Installation:

Steel beams may be used to provide additional support to the new stumps. These beams are placed horizontally across the rows of stumps and are often connected to the stumps and the house’s framework. The steel beams distribute the weight of the house more evenly, helping to prevent future settling and movement.

6. New Stump Installation:

New concrete or steel stumps will be installed in the excavated holes. These stumps will be properly leveled and positioned to provide a solid foundation for the house.

7. Adjustments and Leveling:

Once the new stumps and steel beams are in place, the house will be carefully adjusted and leveled to ensure that it sits evenly and securely on its new foundation.

8. Sealing and Finishing:

After the house is properly positioned and leveled, the excavated areas will be backfilled, and any access points created for the restumping process will be sealed.

9. Quality Control and Inspection:

A final inspection will be conducted to ensure that the restumping process has been completed correctly and that the house’s foundation is stable and secure.

Restumping a house with the addition of steel beams is a specialised process that requires expertise and experience. We are licensed and qualified professionals and can ensure that the work is done safely and effectively.

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