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Did you know Mackay House Removals buys and sells houses for removal?

Permits and Approvals:

Before removing a house, the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities need to be obtained. These permits ensure compliance with building codes, safety regulations, and any environmental considerations.

House Preparation:

We prepare the house for relocation which involves disconnecting utilities such as water, electricity, and gas, and securing the structure to ensure it can be moved safely.

House Relocation:

We uses specialised equipment and techniques to lift and transport the house to its new location. The relocation process may involve moving the house short distances or even to another city or region, depending on the buyer’s requirements.

Site Preparation:

Once the house reaches its new location, we assist with placing the house on its new foundation or supports. This may involve leveling the ground and making any necessary adjustments to ensure the house is stable.

Utilities Reconnection:

After the house is in place, we help with reconnecting utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, to make the house fully functional.

Restoration and Renovation (optional):

Depending on the buyer’s preferences and the condition of the house, we may undertake restoration and renovation work to improve the house’s condition and appeal.

House Sale:

We can sell the relocated house to the new owner, either for residential purposes, commercial use or even as part of a heritage preservation project.

Mackay House Removals Queensland provide a valuable service to help homeowners and developers repurpose existing structures to meet specific needs without the cost and environmental impact of new construction.

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