Relocating a house?

We relocate, raise, lower or slide homes


Mackay House Removals Queensland are experts in relocating a house, getting it raised, lowered or slid.

Getting a house moved, raised, or slid is a complex process that requires professional expertise and specialised equipment. Here’s an overview of the steps involved in each of these processes:

Relocating a house

Moving a house involves physically lifting it off its foundation and transporting it to a new location. This is typically done when the house needs to be relocated due to development, infrastructure projects, or personal preferences.

Steps involved in house moving:

a. Planning and Permits: The process begins with detailed planning, which includes obtaining the necessary permits from local authorities. Building permits, road permits, and utility clearances are some of the permits required for such a project.

b. Foundation Preparation: The house is prepared for the move by disconnecting utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, and removing any obstacles in the path of the move.

c. Lifting: Hydraulic jacks are used to lift the house off its foundation. Steel beams and cribs are placed underneath to support the structure during the lift.

d. Transport: Once lifted, the house is loaded onto a specially designed flatbed trailer or dollies that allow it to be transported over roads to the new location. Police escorts may be required to manage traffic during the move.

e. Placement: At the new location, the house is carefully lowered onto its new foundation or pilings.

Houses Raised

House Raising (also known as House Lifting) involves elevating a house above its existing foundation to create additional space underneath. This is commonly done in flood-prone areas to protect the house from potential damage caused by rising water levels.

Steps involved in house raising:

a. Foundation Assessment: The existing foundation’s structural integrity is assessed to ensure it can support the weight of the raised house.

b. Elevating the House: Hydraulic jacks are strategically placed under the house, and it is gradually lifted to the desired height. Steel beams and cribbing support the structure during the process.

c. Building Supports: Once the house is raised, new supports, often in the form of concrete or steel piers, are constructed to hold the house in its elevated position.

d. Foundation Modification: The existing foundation is either reinforced or modified to accommodate the new height of the house.

Houses Lowered

As well as raising homes we can also lower your home. 

Reasons for lowering your home: 

  • If stairs are becoming too hard for an elderly person or for wheelchair access lowering a raised home can be a good option
  • Stairs and high balconies can be dangerous for small children so a house can be lowered

Can my house be lowered? 

  • Suitability depends on the type of your house. We can let you know the costs or feasibility of lowering your home.

Houses Slid

House sliding involves moving a house horizontally on its existing foundation to a different location on the same property. This process is commonly used when homeowners want to make significant changes to their property without the expense of moving the entire structure.

Steps involved in house sliding:

a. Foundation Preparation: Similar to house moving, the house is prepared for the slide by disconnecting utilities and clearing obstacles.

b. Sliding Mechanism: Temporary rails or beams are placed on the foundation, and the house is lifted slightly to insert the sliding mechanism, such as steel beams or Teflon pads.

c. Sliding: Hydraulic jacks push the house along the sliding mechanism, moving it horizontally to its new location.

d. Placement: Once the house reaches its new position, it is lowered onto its existing or new foundation.

Mackay House Removals are licensed and experienced professionals for all these processes and can ensure the safety and integrity of the structure during the move, raise, or slide. We can help consult with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits which are crucial to comply with regulations and ensure a smooth operation. 

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